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Mobilecasting With BlogTalkRadio

February 19th, 2008

At Scripting News, pioneering podcaster Dave Winer is highlighting a service from BlogTalkRadio that makes podcasting a no-brainer: A new service from BlogTalkRadio… Call their special phone number: 646-200-0000. It records the call. When you’re done it creates an RSS 2.0 feed with an enclosure that’s an MP3 of the call. The address of the […]

YouTube Getting Serious About Mobilecasting

January 24th, 2008

YouTube is getting serious about mobilecasting, expanding its mobile service to include virtually all of the videos available on its Web site. Starting today, people with current generation mobile phones can watch tens of millions of YouTube videos. YouTube also is providing mobile access to many of the same features that have become staples of […]

YouTube Phones Signal Mainstreaming Of Mobilecasting

July 3rd, 2007

LG Electronics and YouTube jointly¬†announced today an agreement to provide YouTube services on LG handsets. The agreement promises to let users not only view videos on the phones, as on Apple’s new iPhone, but to shoot and upload videos directly to YouTube. For upcoming YouTube-enabled handsets, LG will introduce a new user interface for accessing […]

Nielsen Introduces Mobilecasting Tracking Service

June 6th, 2007

The Nielsen Company today announced that it will begin tracking mobile phone owners’ media activity with a new service called Nielsen Wireless. The service will track how many people use content services such as mobile Internet and mobile video and what impact this has on established media behavior. The service is designed specifically for the […]

Mobilecasting Update: Melodeo Intros UK Mobile Podcast Service

January 8th, 2007

Melodeo today announced the first on-demand mobile podcast and radio listening service in the UK with British wireless operator 3. Melodeo’s Mobilcast mobile podcast and radio listening service is immediately available to almost 4 million wireless customers in the UK and more than 40 million wireless customers in North America through distribution deals with Cingular […]

Mobilecasting Update: You Pay $15, Verizon Picks The Videos

November 29th, 2006

The recent news that YouTube is working with Verizon to bring a selection of YouTube content to cell phones is striking some as more evidence that YouTube as you know it is dead. YouTube‚Äôs phone-based version will require a $15-a-month subscription to a Verizon Wireless service called VCast. VCast users will be able to view […]

Mobilecasting Update: Mobile Porn Explosion Coming

November 28th, 2006

The mobile adult content market is forecast to grow from its 2006 level of $1.4 billion to over $3.3 billion by 2011, according to new study by Juniper Research. Over the whole 2006 to 2011 period, Juniper estimates that mobile adult entertainment services will generate a $14.5 billion in revenues, with Europe contributing 39% and […]

Enterprise Mobilecasting Service Introduced

November 7th, 2006

IQMax has announced that it is working with Microsoft Corporation and Verizon Wireless to deliver enterprise podcasting through its IQChannels collaborative rich media application. IQChannels, powered by IQMax’s enterprise mobile platform, lets rich media content (voice, video, images, text, etc.) to be distributed to employees on their mobile devices in a secure, managed environment. Content […]

MobileCasting Update: Veek The Vote

November 6th, 2006

YouthNoise, a social network for youth dedicated to social change, and Veeker, a mobilecasting service, have announced the launch of Veek the Vote 2006, intended to encourage youth to get politically active this November 7th by using the video cameras in their mobile phones to communicate their experiences on Election Day. YouthNoise, through its Web […]

Veeker Intros Mobilecasting Service

October 26th, 2006

Veeker announced today the Beta launch of a mobile-to-Internet service that lets U.S. consumers publish video content from their mobile phones. According to the company, it is “positioning itself to help these and other consumers evolve their mobile communication habits from audio and text to video.” Mobile videos sent to Veeker are viewable within seconds […]