Canada’s CBC Jumps on Podcast Bandwagon

May 3rd, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Corporate Podcasts, Digital Music

CBC not the operaCanada’s CBC Radio One has announced that it will now be offering a number of its programs as podcasts and as free online downloads.Programming will include the ‚Äúbest of‚Äù editions from The Current, Dispatches, Definitely Not the Opera, Ideas, Outfront, and As It Happens, plus highlight packages of regionally-based radio programs.

CBC recently conducted an online survey that revealed that one-third of podcast users listen to more than three hours of podcasts per week at home, work or in transit. The top reason for listening to podcasts, the survey discovered, is to hear the program at their convenience.

“Canadians have the technology and the appetite to listen to public radio programming on their own time,” commented Bob Kerr, Director of Digital Programming and Business Development. “Our survey shows that six out of 10 podcasters say evenings are the most convenient time of day to listen. We’re offering listeners the flexibility to hear their favourite CBC Radio programs whenever they want.”

“The popularity of podcasts is growing since the technology’s inception less than two years ago,” added Tod Maffin, podcaster and Contributing Producer to CBC Radio One. “CBC Radio One is delivering what public radio fans are looking for: more content-rich programming on their podcasts.”

CBC Radio will now offer a total of 22 podcasts. A complete schedule is available at the CBC site.

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