Nokia Plans Mobile Podcasting App

May 7th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Mobile Podcasting

Nokia is working on a podcasting app for its S60 N Series smartphones.

Nokia Podcasting app
The initial release focuses on providing a mobile podcasting client that will be able to manual and automatic updates of podcasts over 3G or WLAN networks.

However, Nokia plans to develope the application to be a mobile podcast publishing platform.

According to Nokia Podcasting Product Manager Steven Stewart, “In the near future, Nokia will offer a full mobile podcasting solution with higher quality recording capabilities (and smaller file size), editing, uploading capabilities, and more.”

“The ultimate focus of the Nokia Podcasting Application is the world of Podcasting‚Ķ search, discovery, preview, download, listen/watch, create, edit and uploading,” adds Stewart.

The release date is expected to be sometime in July, and will be a free download.

via Gizmodo

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