UK Podcasters Association Launches

May 13th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, How to Podcast

The first national membership organisation for UK podcasters, the UK Podcasters Association (UKPA), has opened its doors for membership.

“We intend UKPA to be run along the lines of a guild or a professional body, existing in order to protect podcasters’ rights and promote their interests nationally and internationally,” according to UKPA Chairman Dean Whitbread. “The first thing on our agenda is to make the case for fair and workable usage of licensed repertoire, to educate the collection agencies about such concepts as Creative Commons, and to resist license encroachment into the syndicated distribution of our speech and spoken word, which we hold to be an infringement of our rights.”

“What animates me personally to act is that silence will be interpreted as acquiesence, and the knowledge that what we do now may very well determine the state of UK podcasting in the coming months and years. I don’t want clumsy legislation stifling this wonderful explosion of UK talent,” adds Whitbread. “I do want a voice when it comes to legislation that will affect me, my creative output, and my income.”

The Association is set up as a non-profit organization.

Association Goals:

  1. To represent the interests and protect the rights of UK Podcasters.
  2. To work to ensure that legislation affecting podcasting is equitable and that it does not impose unfair restrictions on podcasters in general; to lobby legislators on this basis.
  3. To provide a forum for debate among UK Podcasters.
  4. To articulate the aims, requirements, and aspirations of Podcasters.
  5. To educate the wider non-specialist population about Podcasting.
  6. To encourage the future development of podcasting in a way that benefits Podcasters and their audiences.
  7. To promote UK Podcasting both within the UK and to the wider world.
  8. To facilitate communications and affiliations:
    • within the UK podcaster community
    • with other national and international podcasting and related organisations and associations.

These goals were formulated in order to register UK Podcasters Association as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee Reg. No 5781367 on 13th April 2006 at Companies House, Cardiff, Wales. They are subject to development and amendment by members.

The Association has set up a site at, along with an Association blog.

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