Podcasts: Liberal Media’s Assault on America?

May 16th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, Strange

Just when you thought it was safe to sync your ‘pod, ShellyTheRepublican has revealed that podcasts are “Liberal Media’s next Assault on America.”

According to the site, a “new danger has raised it’s demonic head: Invented by the Apple Computer company, the iPod is a device for receiving coded transmissions called Podcasts. This feature allows liberal media direct access to young Americans without any of the safeguards that make TV channels like Fox News fair and balanced. A quick scan though some of America’s most popular podcasts is proof enough that a dangerous liberal minority have seized control over this influential channel.”

Escape Pod Podcast: 8.2 on the CAP Scale

The site singles out Escape Pod, a popular science-fiction podcast, for closer analysis.

“We all know that science fiction is a dangerously corrupting influence on young minds. Science fiction novels can make children nervous and excitable. I have heard many cases of science fiction addicts rejecting authority and embracing alternative lifestyles, but how much worse could a science fiction podcast be?”

A lot worse, according to the site. Citing the episode My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie, Escape Pod is called “the start of a slippery-slope towards eternal damnation.”

The site even gives the podcast a CAP Entertainment Media Analysis report, rating it a devilish 8.1 out of 100:

Escape Pod

It appears that Shelley’s tongue is planted firmly in cheek. Just in case, though, concerned parents can sign the site’s petition on podcasts.

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