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May 17th, 2006 | By | Category: General, Podcasting Services

feedburner logoFeedBurner, a leading feed-management service, today launched a feed-driven interactive advertising service for Web sites.According to the company, by using the content and the structure of RSS and Web feeds, FeedBurner can give advertisers unique new placements, such as continuous ads, ads that dynamically appear only on content posted within specific timeframes, ads associated with highly active content.

“FeedBurner’s platform allows advertisers to develop an integrated program that reaches a publisher’s entire audience, whether they are viewing content on the publisher’s Web site, in a feed reader, or in email,” said Brent Hill, Vice President of Business Development at FeedBurner. “This program creates new placements in the ‘dialogue zone’ of the page, driven by data in the feed associated with that same content. Publishers retain full control over the balance of content and advertising — the same approach we use for advertising in feeds is being used on the Web.”

FeedBurner’s service is designed to use context available only via the feed to determine the selection and positioning of an advertisement on a Web page.‚ÄúBefore FeedBurner, we had only considered running ads in the traditional ad zones on sites ‚Äî at the top of the page, and on the left or right rail. But given the nature of how people view sites today ‚Äî particularly blogs ‚Äî many of those impressions were lost once the user scrolled to read more content and our ads could not be tied to the changing nature of the content,‚Äù said Adam Broitman, Senior Media Strategist at Morpheus Media. ‚ÄúFeedBurner‚Äôs understanding of how consumers interact with content, and the underlying structure of the content on the page, has opened up a lot of opportunity to improve the way we communicate our message. We think this placement strategy on sites will be very effective.‚Äù

FeedBurner’s new service is an enhancement to the FeedBurner Ad Network, which currently reaches more than eight million subscribers.

Source: FeedBurner

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