Does the Latest RIAA Lawsuit Break Earlier Agreements?

May 18th, 2006 | By | Category: Digital Music, Podcasting Law

The Home Recording Rights Coalition (HRRC) is charging the recording industry with breaking earlier agreements with consumers, congress and courts. The RIAA is suing US satellite radio firm XM over the Inno, a device that lets users record satellite radio broadcasts to be listened to at a later time. According to the HRRC, “the recording industry has now, via lawsuit, labeled its best customers as pirates and sought unprecedented tools to use against them.”

“I have a long enough memory to be astonished at the suit filed yesterday. We worked in good faith with the music industry to help pass the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA), based on personal assurances that I received that it would put an end to this sort of harassing lawsuit against private, noncommercial consumer conduct,” said HRRC Chairman Gary Shapiro.

“Yesterday the major labels filed such a suit, against the use of devices clearly covered by the AHRA, without so much as a mention of the law that provides for royalties on these devices, and which was clearly written to remove even the threat of this sort of bogus lawsuit,” he added.Shapiro also accused the labels, and the entertainment industry as a whole, of abusing the assurances given to the courts, the Congress and the public at large when the industry pursued its Grokster lawsuit. At that time, according to Shapiro, entertainment industry representatives insisted that they did not by any means intend to threaten in-home, private, noncommercial recording.

Source: HRRC via Axehole

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