Dunlop Tires Using Video Podcasts to Expand Reach

May 19th, 2006 | By | Category: Corporate Podcasts, Video Podcasts

Dunlop Tires is using video podcasting to reach auto enthusiasts. The podcasts are being used to deliver information about new products, the sport of drifting and other automotive sports.

Dunlop Drift Racing

“Enthusiasts are naturally drawn to the latest technologies in automotive, electronics, communication and tires, so it’s only natural that Dunlop would build a library of information and entertainment to help them make informed choices,” according to Dunlop brand planning manager Janice Consolacion. “It’s another way for us to build relationships with our target audience, the ‘in-the-know’ driver.”

Dunlop is one of a growing number of companies using video podcasts to expand the reach of their marketing.

“Print ads raise awareness for Dunlop events like Drivers Cup,” adds Consolacion, “but it’s our podcasts that provide a real feel for the excitement of the competition. Podcasting also is attracting increased traffic to our Web site and giving enthusiasts a reason to return often.”

Dunlop Tires Video Podcast Details

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