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May 20th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Computer Hardware, Podcasting Hardware

extreme audio workstationSonica Audio Labs has introduced the VHPextreme audio workstation, a Windows XP machine powered by the Intel Pentium D965 Extreme Edition Dual Core Processor running at 3.7GHz per core, with 4MB of cache memory and with a 1066MHz Front Side Bus (FSB). In addition, the VHPextreme workstation incorporates Extreme XMS II DDR2-800MHz memory, SATA II and Quad Display support.The VHPextreme is configured with audio production in mind, shipping with customized BIOS and optimized Windows XP services.

Detailed Specs:

  • Intel Pentium D965 @ 3.7GHz per core
  • Hyper Threading CPU 1066FSB and 4MB L2 cache
  • Chip Set North bridge: Intel 975x South bridge:ICH7
  • High performance aluminum Chassis with 18 db (A) 550W PSU
  • 2GB DDR2-800MHz Extreme XMS II RAM -Dual Channel
  • CDRW 52x48x24x DVDRW 16x Optical Combo Drive
  • 80GB system drive with 8MB Buffer
  • Serial ATA II 7200rpm 300GB audio drive with 16MB Buffer
  • Serial ATA II 7200rpm 300GB samples drive with 16MB Buffer
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition tuned for audio production
  • Six USB 2.0 ports
  • Two 1394 FireWire IEEE-1394a ports by Texas Instruments
  • Two Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit LAN ports
  • Three PCI slots, Two PCIe x16, 1PCIe x1, 1 PCIe x 4 expansion slots
  • 128MB Quad Display video
  • 2.4GHz Wireless desktop

Price of above configured system is: $3749.95 MSRP – $3749.95 MAP.

More information is available at the Sonica Labs site.

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