Electronica Pioneer Launches Site, Podcast to Publicize Risks of Nuclear Energy

May 21st, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Citizen Media, Digital Music, Educational Podcasts

Electronica artist Ryuichi Sakamoto has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the risks of nuclear energy, featuring a podcast featuring free music tracks and videos by Sakamoto, Thomas Dolby and others.

The Rokkasho-mura reprocessing plant in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture opened for testing on March 31st, 2006. Less than two weeks later, 40 liters of radioactive water containing plutonium and uranium were spilled inside the plant.

The “Stop-Rokkasho” podcast features music, video, photos, art, information and interviews to help spread the word about both the Rokkasho plant and the dangers of reprocessing in general.

Future episodes will feature music and art donated by a growing list of artists joining the project. In addition to these materials, anyone in the world is invited to download either the vocal and/or instrumental track to create their own remix, sample, re-cycle or re-model of the track to post on their own website along with a banner for the project to further spread information about Rokkasho.Sakamoto wrote and recorded a new track along with shing02 and Christian Fennesz under the group name Team 6 as a way to begin the Rokkasho awareness campaign. The first versions of the track – ‚ÄúRokkasho-Main Theme,‚Äù ‚ÄúRokkasho-Piano Version and ‚ÄúRokkasho-Yakkle Remix‚Äù – as well as Ryoichi Kurokawa’s ‚ÄúRokkasho-Main video‚Äù are available exclusively via the podcast. There is no charge to subscribe to the podcast.

Stop Rokkasho Podcast Details

via Synthtopia: Ryuichi Sakamoto Forms Team 6 to Fight Nuclear Reprocessing

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