New MP3 Player Ad Campaign Mocks iPod Owners as iPuppets

May 24th, 2006 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

A new ad campaign for the Sansa e200, a portable digital media player, mocks iPod owners, calling them iSheep and iPuppets.

iPod humor

The iDont campaign calls on “free thinkers, contrarians and malcontents” to “rise up against the iTatorship.

According to iDont site:

“We‚Äôre just fed up with the ever-expanding flock of iSheep swarming through our cities. You‚Äôve seen them. They‚Äôre everywhere. Every bus, train and city sidewalk is a mass of white headphones. Blindly they‚Äôve bought into the hype without ever realizing there are other mp3 players out there.”

“Well we‚Äôre here to call them on it. So we‚Äôre rallying anyone who‚Äôs ready to go against the grain and asking them to consider one really worthy alternative media player. No slick sales job. No outlandish claims. But, we do think there‚Äôs a few really cool things that make the Sansa a smarter, more open and, dare we say, cooler choice than the status quo.”

Of course, many will see the iDont site as a slick sales job with some outlandish claims….

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