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May 25th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, How to Podcast

Podcasting With, the multimedia training site of Lynda Weinman, has introduced a new series of tutorials on podcast creation, Podcasting with GarageBand 3.The tutorials, by photographer and digital media guru Scott Bourne, guide students through the process of creating a podcast, including: setting up the software, recording voices, selecting music, adding sound effects, enhancing a podcast with pictures and video, publishing to iTunes or third-party hosts, and more.

The title is live now at and CDROM versions will be available for purchase later in the second quarter.

“Scott Bourne is one of the most passionate and informed people I have ever met. His deep experience in radio, music, and digital communication map naturally to his excellent training on podcasting and Apple’s latest podcast-friendly version of GarageBand,” said Lynda Weinmann.

Podcasting With GarageBand 3.0 offers task-oriented, movie-based tutorials that train podcasters how to use Apple’s GarageBand 3.0 to make a podcast from start to finish. Targeted to beginning users, the lessons cover all the basic principles of podcasting with GarageBand 3.0, from getting to know the workspace and tools to using GarageBand 3.0’s sophisticated audio editing and publishing features.

Exercise files containing sample podcasts and audio assets accompany the training, allowing users to follow along and learn at their own pace.

A Online Training Library subscription (which start at $25/month) provides online access to this entire tutorial in addition to more than 160 other titles, including more than 11,000 movie clips, covering a wide range of software, technologies, and techniques. A Podcasting With GarageBand 3.0 DVD will also be available, with pricing to be determined later.

Free samples of the tutorials are available.

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