ClickZ: No Formula for Podcast Sponsorships

May 29th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts

ClickZ marketing guru Pete Lerma has some interesting thoughts on the state of placing podcast sponsorships.

“If ever there was a next big thing in online advertising, this is it. We’ve recently helped one of my agency’s clients, Travelocity get in on the podcast sponsorship movement, redirecting online ad dollars to this promising alternative channel,” writes Lerma.

“The first thing you need to know is, at this point, this is a very manual process,” he adds.

Lerma also outlines three steps to follow to identify good podcasts to sponsor:

  • Find top-ranked podcasts – whatever your category, there are podcasts that should be an appropriate fit.
  • Listen and evaluate. Podcast quality is also something you’ll want to evaluate, since you’ll want to make sure you’re associating your brand with good-quality, credible content.
  • Contact and negotiate. Because of the newness of the medium, many podcasters haven’t given much thought to advertising, so you’ll have to discuss ad format, number of subscribers and negotiate an appropriate rate.

“This process felt very much like we were creating a new platform,” notes Lerma.

via ClickZ: No Formulas for Podcast Sponsorships

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