Turnkey System Automates Turning Radio and TV into Podcasts

Jun 2nd, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Digital Video Recorder, Podcasting Hardware, Video Podcasts

Intelligent Assistance has released Intellicaster, a turnkey automated podcasting system that records TV or radio broadcasters programming and, without human intervention, publishes it to the web.

Intellicaster is a intelligent hardware/software combination that automatically records specific time intervals – evening newscasts, morning or afternoon programming. It can delete commercials, if needed, and then encode the content, upload and publish the podcast, on a daily schedule. As an option Intellicaster can substitute cleared commercials into the feed.

Alternatively, through a unique arrangement with klickTab, Inc, Intellicaster can be linked with klickTab’s RSS commerce solution so local broadcasters can gain additional revenue from their podcast by using micropayments within the podcast infrastructure. Subscribers can pay for episodes or shows when they download, even in Apple’s iTunes.

Intellicaster comes in a variety of turnkey, hardware and software, combinations depending on the type source available and speed of output required. Hardware encoding to iPod format is available as an option on some configurations. Complete systems, including installation, start at $4500. Intellicaster systems include an Apple Macintosh.

Source: Intelligent Assistant

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