TuneStage Streams iPod Output to Entertainment Systems

Jun 5th, 2006 | By | Category: iPod Accessories, iPods & Portable Media Players

TunestageBelkin Corporation has introduced TuneStage for iPod nano, a device that allows you to play the music from your iPod nano through your home stereo wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.With a transmitter connected to your iPod nano and a receiver wired to your system, TuneStage offers high-quality sound without requiring cables. Using Bluetooth v1.2 technology, TuneStage can transmit from up to 33 feet away from your stereo, through your home entertainment cabinet, or even from another room. The receiver connects via RCA or 3.5mm outputs to your home stereo system.

Since the unit draws power directly from the iPod nano, it needs no batteries. A mini-USB port under the transmitter offers the added convenience of charging your device while in use.


  • Requires no software for simple Plug-and-Play setup
  • Requires no batteries; automatically powers on or off with the iPod nano
  • Bluetooth receiver connects to your home stereo with included cable
  • Provides up to 6 hours of playtime on a fully charged iPod nano

Source: Belkin

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