PodSage Podcast Client Updated to Version 2.0

Jun 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Software

Dragon Crest International (DCI) has announced the release of Podsage version 2, an update to their free Windows-based podcast search engine and player.

“We consulted with Podcasters (podcast producers) throughout the world,” said DCI’s David Jorrell. “Major emphasis was given to ensuring a visually pleasing and intuitive interface without loss in richness of features.”

“One such feature are the ‚ÄòShow Notes‚Äô that accompany each podcast episode (the actual show that is listened to or viewed.) These are presented as the Podcaster originally intended ‚Äì many other players, even the more popular ones tend to disregard this. Now, for example, educationalists can provide direct links to supporting documents,” adds Jorrell.

Podsage player
Update Details

Podsage version 2.0 supports the seamless playing of all podcast formats within its own in built-player. Video screen modes include: normal, wide and full screen play,

Other player features include detailed, interactive ‘Show Notes’ for each episode, comprehensive download management, simple drag and drop of new podcasts, and integrated synchronisation with the podcast database.

The built-in search engine allows for both word and phrase searches, and is further enhanced by several advanced search options. Browsing is available by podcast ‘Tags’, languages and major podcasters. Search results are detailed and informative including language translation options.

The search engine provides links to other major directories, OPML, search and news sites.

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