Veotag Adds Hyperlinks to Audio and Video Files

Jun 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Services, Video Podcasts

Veotag is a new service, in beta, that lets you display clickable text, called “veotags” within an audio or video file.

“Veotagging” is designed to let you make tables of contents, chapter headings and menus; add tags, transcripts and comments to enhance the user’s experience; and even to let you tag audio and video files you find on the web.

The service is not a podcasting service, but could be used to deliver bookmarked media content via your site for people that view or listen to podcast content online.

Screen Shot:veotag
To add tags, you enter the URL of a audio or video media file and confirm that it is displaying correctly on the Veotag page.

Using a web-based interface, you can then add a title for your veotagged content and add tags. To add a tag, you just click the Insert Veotag button, which pauses playback, and then add a title and description for the t

The basic service is free; a site account is required. Demo veotagged content is available at

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