PR Firm Adds Podcasting Services

Jun 12th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Corporate Podcasts, Podcasting Services

Farrell Kramer Communications, a public relations firm, has launched a new podcasting service, FKC Newsmaker Interviews, which provides professional podcast interviews for companies and individuals looking to publicize any type of news event.

“Podcasting is an ideal way to energize a PR announcement, complementing any news event with an in-depth audio interview,” said FKC president Farrell Kramer. “Many companies and individuals have not moved to podcasting yet because of the significant learning curve. FKC Newsmaker Interviews eliminates that barrier to entry.”

FKC can conduct and record the interview, create the podcast show (including musical intro), and publish the podcast.

FKC Newsmaker Interviews offers:

  • choice of two podcast lengths: 10 min. or 15 min.
  • Professional quality recording and editing
  • A standard talk-show format
  • A Web home for the interview, complete with “play” button
  • Hosting for 6 months

FKC also offers podcasting services for organizations interested in launching their own multi-episode podcast shows.

Source: Farrell Kramer Communications

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