UK Charity Using Podcasts to Provide First Aid Info

Jun 13th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Educational Podcasts, Podcast Quickies

St. John Ambulance, a UK charity organization, is using podcasting to help distribute first aid information. The First Aid Advice podcasts provide information on situations ranging from treating shock (MP3) to dealing with severe wounds (MP3).

The organization plans to releast new podcasts every Wednesday throughout the summer, covering treatment for a wide range of injuries, including seizures, head injuries and heart attacks.”We want to make First Aid as accessible as possible, but don’t want to bombard people with information all in one go,” said Dr Barbara Cleaver, medical adviser at St. John Ambulance. “Podcasting will allow us to publish the tips every week throughout the summer so that people have a chance to listen to and digest each bit of information.”

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