Flushed iPod mini Clogs South Bay University Toilets for Months

Jun 16th, 2006 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players, Strange

Pink iPod miniA pink iPod Mini, just four inches long, flushed down the toilet at the South Bay College Arts and Sciences building has finally been removed, after clogging pipes for the entire spring semester and leading to thousands of dollars of maintenance work.The iPod was accidentally flushed by a student and got stuck in such a way that maintenance crews could not get it out. They tried to break the iPod into pieces, but that failed. One maintenance worker called the iPod mini “indestructible”.

According to a report by NBC11.com, an independent contractor was called in to deal with the problem. He was able to get the iPod to move 20 feet, but then it became stuck again underneath the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.To get the iPod out from under that building, crews had to simultaneously flush as many toilets as they could and turn on every sink. This caused a water surge which pushed the iPod into a larger more accessible pipe.

Next, a water company blasted water into the pipe. This worked, but caused geysers to burst from the second floor toilets.

The crews finally retrieved the iPod from a sewage disposal point outside of the building by using a piece of rebar.

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