Will the Next President be a Podcaster?

Jun 19th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Video Podcasts

John Edwards PodcastIt’s looking more and more like podcasting will play a big part in the next US presidential election. Politicians are treating bloggers seriously, politicians are podcasting and political sites are adding podcasts to their offerings.An example of this trend is the announcement that Senator John Edwards has signed on to be the keynote speaker at Gnomedex 6, being held in Seattle June 29-July 1st. The senator is a long-standing supporter of technology, including podcasting and blogging, and has pioneered political podcasting, creating both audio and video podcasts.

“Every year, we wonder how we’re going to top ourselves,” notes the Gnomedex announcement. “Sentator Edwards will quickly turn his time over to the Gnomedex audience, fielding questions and fostering discussion over how technology could and should play a role in our world.”Considering the high profile that Edwards has created for his One America Committee podcasts, it’s likely that other presidential candidates will be podcasting, too.

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