iPod Developers Want You to Get With French Babes

Jun 21st, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Educational Podcasts, Strange

coolgorillaiPod software developers Coolgorilla wants you to get with Parisian babes.

They’ve released a new free iPod French Translator that promises to help.

“Want to ask the stunning Parisian Brunette if you can buy her a drink?” they ask. “Easy! Simply select the phrase from the Menu in English, play the French translation and you‚Äôre away!”

The French iPod translator is the second in a series of four planned translators.The software uses the notes function of your iPod to provide a user-friendly menu system giving access to over 800 MP3’s of professionally recorded French words and phrases.

The product is designed to make learning a new language easier than conventional CD language courses. Individual sound files can be accessed quickly and played repeated at the click of a wheel.The Translator features 11 categories, which include accommodation, travel, eating out and socialising. There is also a comprehensive dictionary and separate section on grammar.

The iPod Translators are sponsored by lastminute.com, a travel site. In addition to the French Translator, a German Translator is available, and Greek and Spanish versions are planned.

‚ÄúWe are really pleased to be working with lastminute, they are true leaders in their field and the first on-line travel company to utilise the iPod as an advertising platform in this way. As sponsors of our language packs they are ensuring that visitors to our site can continue to download these products for free,” said Roy Forsdick, Managing Director, iDev Entertainment Ltd.

The iPod Translators are free downloads at the Coolgorilla site.

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