MyChingo Intros Free Audio Comment System for Sites

Jun 21st, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Services

MyChingoMobasoft has introduced a free version of its MyChingo audio comment system that will record up to two minutes of audio. MyChingo provides an audio comment system to bloggers and podcasters without requiring them to download software or purchase expensive equipment.“We’ve seen how much added value the audio comment system has created for our members,” says Michael Bailey, creator of MyChingo, “and we’re eager for other people to try it out, so now they can play with it for free and see the features it has to offer.”

“We wanted to add a more personal element to the digital medium,” says Bailey. “MyChingo gives podcast listeners and blog readers an opportunity to be heard. With just a microphone, they can record and send a comment with a few clicks.”

The paid version of MyChingo is $3.95 per month. Both versions include a recorder and built-in RSS, as well as public and private chat rooms. The recorder can be customized and installed on any blog or web page, such as MySpace or Blogger.

“This one simple tool offers bloggers and podcasters a variety of options, from simple voice mail to group chats,” says Bailey. “We see this as the next step in audience participation.” MyChingo is currently being used on MySpace pages, the Culinary Podcast Network, and sites like The Twisted Pickle Show and podCast411.

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