Use Apple Laptops Anywhere…Except Your Lap

Jun 26th, 2006 | By | Category: Computer Hardware, Strange

Apple laptop burnsIt looks like Apple is giving its MacBook pages an update….to remove the word “laptop”.There have been reports of Apple notebooks burning users’ skin, and even Apple laptops bursting into flames.

Apple is apparently concerned enough to warn users not to put MacBooks in their lap, and has removed some references to laptop use from their site, in case images like the one above might lead to confusion.

From the MacBook manual:

“Do not leave the botton of your MacBook in contact with your lap or any other surface of your body for extended periods. Prolonged contact with your body could cause discomfort and potentially a burn.”

Here’s an example of the changes Apple has made. Note where Apple says suggests you use your MacBook:


Apple on your lap laptop

Laptop anywhere but your lap
It looks like Apple wants you to use their laptops anywhere you want….except your lap.

Source: Apple Defects via Axehole

4 Responses to “Use Apple Laptops Anywhere…Except Your Lap”

  1. Mary Kreutz says:

    My MacPro burned my thigh and cause severe swelling to my entire leg and foot. I started using a table when on the computer and the battery has exploded. I’ve never used any other computer and have relied on Apple for my entire “tech” life. This was pretty scary and I’m worried. I’ll be taking this to the Apple store. I’m worried about the integity of the computer now.

  2. James Lewin says:

    Mary – that’s horrible!

    I’d be very surprised if you take it into the Apple Store if they don’t replace the computer.

  3. Melissa says:

    I have a burn on my thigh. It looks like equivalent spider veins, but is just thicker red lines that cover my upper thigh. I would like to think that apple or some company could do something about this. I never even knew that laptops/ notebooks could do such a thing until it happened to me and I googled it. I would like to see a warning label made or some sort of warning somewhere. It’s yet another disappointment of this dysfunctional, buggy, and burning machine. If I could select my computer all over again I would choose a PC and very possibly build my own.

  4. Tess says:

    I have the same “spider veins” burn on my thigh from placing my Macbook on my lap. Does anyone know if it eventually goes away? I am very concerned.

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