Podcamp Boston

Jun 27th, 2006 | By | Category: How to Podcast, Podcasting Events

PodCamp BostonPodcamp Boston will be held on September 9th and 10th, 2006, in a venue to-be-named in Boston, accessible by public transportation, and readily reachable via the train.Podcamp is a free unconference in the tradition of BarCamp. People register at the website (the secret group password is: nepod), and everyone can participate in some form or another.

In an unconference, attendees are the experts and the organizers. Sessions get organized on the fly the morning of the event, and there are all kinds of ways to participate: hold a 30 minute session or demo, a 5 minute lightning talk, or participate in a panel discussion. Join an informal round table talk, participate in podcasting demos and actual live podcasts as well!

Free refreshments, including meals, will be served throughout the day.

Podcamp is free to attend. Accomodations are being worked out to provide a “camping” option. If people would like hotel accommodations, unconference organizers will work out a deal with a hotel.

While the camp is an unconference, several topics are already planned:

  • Panel Discussion – Podcast Formats
  • Content Networks are the new blogs.
  • Podcasting and Guerrilla Marketing
  • Podcasting with Garageband -all the crap Apple didn’t bother to tell you about
  • Corporate Podcasting – being the mouthpiece of a company for fun and profit
  • Video Podcasting with iMovie
  • Podcasting for Business – Beyond Adsense.
  • Audio Drama Podcasts: Producing and Acting Tips

Podcamp is looking for individuals and sponsors to get involved to help make the event successful. Information is available at the Podcamp.org site.

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