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Jun 27th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Educational Podcasts, Podcasting Events, Video Podcasts

TED talksOnce a year, 1000 people are invited to the acclaimed TED Conference in Monterey, California, to share ideas.Now the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference has introduced TED audio podcast and a TED video podcast series of the best talks delivered at the conference. The talks, which feature Al Gore, Bono, and more than 30 other distinguished speakers are available for free download.

“At the heart of TED is a belief that ideas can change the world. For years we’ve witnessed powerful, inspiring talks there,” said Chris Anderson, Curator of the TED Conference. “They’ve had huge impact on those who’ve heard them. Now, thanks to the take-off of online video and podcasting, we can share them widely for the first time. This is incredibly exciting. Each of these unique voices has the power to inspire, to change someone’s views, or even someone’s life.”

“The main focus is to get these powerful ideas out into the world, these are ideas worth spreading,” adds Chris Anderson of TED.

TEDTalks premieres on June 27th with six speakers: Former US Vice President Al Gore (giving the talk that followed his now-famous presentation on climate change), Macarthur Award recipient Majora Carter, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, New York Times technology columnist David Pogue, education visionary Ken Robinson, and founder of the non-profit Gapminder Hans Rosling.

Additional talks will be released weekly and will feature rock star Peter Gabriel on his work with human-rights group Witness, evolutionary anthropologist Helen Fisher exploring the future of love, X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis making the case for space tourism, “Ashes and Snow” photographer Gregory Colbert unveiling the idea of an Animal Copyright Foundation, Seattle Library architect Joshua Prince-Ramus explaining how great architecture is made, actress Julia Sweeney performing an excerpt from her play, “Letting Go of God,” 28-year-old blogging entrepreneur Mena Trott on the personal side of blogging, and Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell on what we can all learn from spaghetti sauce.

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