Podcasters Across Borders

Jul 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Events

Podcasters Across Borders, a podcasting conference held June 23-24 in Ontario, Canada, brought together podcasters for an exciting grass-roots event.

Podcasters Across Borders

Event organizer, Mark Blevis (Electric Sky, Canadian Podcast Buffet, and podcastLounge.ca ) says of the gathering: “Podcasters Across Borders was an incredible success. I could carry on for a while about the energy, emotion, interaction, ideas and the feedback we’ve received. I won’t. Suffice to say that there will be a PAB2007 and that there is quite a buzz about it already.”

Podcasting News’ Elisabeth Lewin sat next to Mark throughout the Corporate Podcasting Summit, in the two days leading up to Podcasters Across Borders. As the event sold out, mainstream media caught wind of the the event, and Mark’s Blackberry was constantly abuzz with last-minute requests and inquiries from major press outlets, including the Canadian Broadcast Corp (CBC).Podcasting News asked Mark about what he takes away from this successful inaugural event. His response:

“I took away so much. I guess the key things are:

  • Everyone who was there wanted to be there, and had a great time
  • Speaking sessions became VERY interactive
  • The media is very interested in what we’re doing
  • Grassroots conferences is the way to go”

Mark also mentioned that all of the speaking sessions will be podcasted from the Canadian Podcast
, including sessions with popular podcasters Julien Smith, Bruce Murray and Tod Maffin.


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