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The Corporate Podcasting Summit, described as Enterprise Podcasting 101, was held June 20 – 21 in San Francisco. The Summit brought together people interested in corporate podcasting from around the world.

Corpoorate Podcasting Summit
Above, Elisabeth McLaury Lewin, Publisher of Podcasting News, at the Corporate Podcasting Summit with (l to r) Mark Blevis (podcasters across borders, electric sky podcast, canadian podcast buffet), Tim Keegan (of Story Quest, which created Keane’s corporate podcast), and Dave Mansueto of Libsyn.

Lewin caught up with Summit organizer Anita Yaa Ageyman back in her home base of England, and asked her about the successes, challenges and surprises of the event.

Anita Yaa AgeymanAgeyman, right, also reveals some of her thoughts for future Corporate Podcasting Summits.Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: What have you been up to since you flew back to England?

Anita Yaa Ageyman: I’ve been pulling together plans, cobbling ideas of where next and getting over excited about how I’m going to serve the corporate podcasting community better with news /reports /podcasts and who knows what else.

Lewin: Have you recovered yet from last weekend’s summit?

Ageyman:Yes! I am finally recovered. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks preparing the show’s content for distribution. I’m already working on the next 2 projects in Europe and on the East Coast of the United States.

Lewin: What were the final attendance numbers? Can you break out the attendees by corporate / government-nonprofit/ technology sector and whatnot?

Ageyman: We had 84 attendees in total, not bad for a show that had to be put together and marketed in the space of 4.5 months.

Just under 30% of attendees were corporate. Just over 25% came from the technology sector. 15% came from advertising/marketing agencies. And the remaining attendees included private podcasters, industry analysts and
consultants, and the press.

Lewin: Were you surprised by the response to the event?

Ageyman: I was surprised by the amount of buzz and excitement the event created! If only the show was scheduled to take place in the 3rd quarter of the year, we would have at least doubled, if not quadrupled, attendee numbers and proved an ever better networking event for all.

Lewin: What challenges came up?

Ageyman: Finding the right speakers from the corporate side was sometimes a challenge. It’s still a relatively new communication channel for many a corporation so, outside of the FTSE 100 company podcasts we hear about every other day, the challenge was to find the other companies doing great things with the podcast and get them to share their experience.

Lewin: What surprised you about the Summit?

Ageyman: How fantastically passionate, energetic and friendly the whole community is. The sense of all being in it together and really wanting to learn and grow from one another is a great thing.

Lewin: What predictions or expectations did you have that came true?

Ageyman: That there would be a lot of interest from the corporate community. To this day I am still getting a good number of emails from executives about the show.

Lewin: How big of a team worked on the Summit?

Ageyman: Just one, me, and that’s not because I’m an awful team player! I had a colleague who looked after the logistical side of things, like the venue, accommodation etc, but everything else was down to me!

Lewin: What sort of feedback have you been getting?

Ageyman: Feedback has been very positive. It seems people learned an incredible amount from the summit and made some excellent contacts.

Lewin: I had a really good time and learned so much at this Summit. Will you do it all again? If you do, will you have any plans or changes in store for next year’s conference?

Ageyman: Yes, definitely! I am already planning a show in London and one for the East Coast in 2007. The idea is to have an East and West Coast summit, and ones in Europe too. The one change perhaps for future shows is to organise a separate stream for companies completely new to podcasting, somewhere they can get all the information they need in simple, easy to digest English. That way the more podcast savvy of the audience can wax lyrical with as many acronyms as their hearts are content with!

Lewin: What excited you the most, personally, about the show?

Ageyman: The fact that it was the first meeting place for the corporate podcasting community. I think the community will grow stronger and bolder as the months progress and I would be honoured to be the meeting place where we all converge face-to-face.

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