PodShow Updates Site to Eliminate Podcast Hijacking; It Was a Silly Mistake, Says Adam Curry

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Adam Curry's second comingPodShow, which has come under heated criticism because the updated PodShow site hijacked podcasters feeds, has quickly updated their site to fix the problem.Instead of linking to podcasters’ original podcast feeds, PodShow was rewriting feeds, removing podcasters’ copyright notices and republishing them under PodShow URLs.

PodShow was quick to respond to the firestorm that erupted in response to the controversy. Yesterday, PodShow’s Adam Curry, right, noted that the company needed to fix some problems with the new version of the PodShow site, including the feed links. PodShow’s feed links have been updated to point to podcasters’ original podcast feeds.

“All xml icons on PodShow+ should now be hyperlinked to the original feed url.,” said Curry in response to the controversy. “This also resolves the copyright re-writing issues.”

“Silly mistake on our part,” blogs Adam Curry. “Interesting presumptions from some folks.”

Blaugh calls the incident a Podfather Faux Paus:

Blaugh Adam Curry

Some podcasters aren’t laughing off the controversy, though.

“As expected, Podshow claimed it was a bug, and fixed it,” said Geek News Central’s Todd Cochrane, “but my opinion stands; if it was a bug, it was pretty big deliberate programing bug. You just don’t strip and replace data without writing some lines of code to do that. But they did the right thing and made the change.”

The republishing of podcast feeds under different URLs has raised controversy in the past because it can infringe on podcasters’ copyrights, confuse listeners about the correct source for the podcast and make it impossible for podcasters to know how many people are subscribing to their podcast.

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