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Jul 12th, 2006 | By | Category: General

Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, a popular blogging tool among podcasters, had announced preliminary plans for WordCamp, a WordPress conference to be held August 5th, 2006 in San Francisco, California. The goal of the conference is “To figure out the next generation of publishing on the web.”

“The idea is a one day BarCamp-style free conference with a party that night,” said Mullenweg. “There will be free BBQ for lunch, WordPress t-shirts, and a full day of both user and developer discussion. ”

According to Mullenweg, “BarCamp-style is a code phrase for last minute.”

In related news, there is now a WordPress community podcast.

Mullenweg’s announcement:

The idea for an event for WordPress users has been bouncing around in my head for a long time, as there is a really interesting group of people around WP but we don’t do nearly as many face-to-face interactions as some similar projects. A set of circumstances are coming together at the beginning of August, and I think we’re going to give it a go.

There are still a few things to figure out, such as a venue, schedule, and other little things like that. (By the way, if you can help with any of these or have event experience, please drop me a note.) But mostly I wanted to get the date out there so people could start planning for it, buy tickets if they’re travelling, and let us know if there are any huge conflicts that day. (Like a national holiday or something.)

In the meantime, I’ve put up a quick site where you can leave your email to signup for more information or let us know you’re coming. If you think you can make it, please say so as soon as possible so we can prepare for the right number of people. If you’d like to help in any way, drop me a note via email or in the comments.

Source: Matt Mullenweg


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