Vlog Interviews German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Jul 15th, 2006 | By | Category: Video Podcasts

The latest episode of Xolo TV, a video blog, features an interview with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel recently introduced her own video podcast, Chancellor Angela Merkel – die Kanzlerin direkt.

vlogging mit den chancellor

The interview , in German with subtitles, is a milestone for both the vlog and vlogging in general.

The interview is remarkable, not only because it the first vlog-style interview with a head of state, and not because of the Chancellor’s spontaneity, but because Chancellor Merkel appears genuinely interested in learning more about video podcasting and trying to improve her efforts at it.

In the interview, Chancellor Merkel talks with German blogger Lyssa Bochert about how she became interested in video podcasting, and how she feels that she is struggling to find her ‚Äúvlog voice‚Äù:”I find that Internet revolution is one of the most interesting things happening and we as politicians are sometimes very much behind,” said Merkel. “This is why I started it. Then I somehow realized that it comes across as artificial to the viewers when I always read from the prompter. Recently I once spoke without script and now I‚Äôm trying to figure out how others are doing and what viewers like, so I can communicate effectively.”

Source: Xolo TV

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