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Jul 19th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Services

MoveDigitalMoveDigital has announced the availability of a new pay as you go digital distribution service. The service is designed to make it easy for anyone to share files in any digital format on a worldwide basis and eliminates monthly bills, contracts, and credit checks.A free 30-day trial, no credit card required, is available and includes one gigabyte of storage and ten gigabytes of bandwidth.

According to MoveDigital, early users include Senator John Edwards and Rocketboom.

Customers begin using the service by uploading their files into their account with their choice of MoveDigital’s drag and drop software upload utility, or by using the MoveDigital web interface. Once added to the customer’s account, the file is available for reliable and fast download via the Internet.

MoveDigital’s service is based on a unique method of providing network access. The company received patent number 7,069,329 in May, 2006 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Bandwidth in the form of gigabytes transferred is only deducted from a customer’s account when the entire direct download has reached its destination. This spares customers the expense of paying for partial transfers of their files and provides a solid metric for tracking purposes.

Once files are uploaded, customers click “mobilize” to convert files to the 3GP mobile phone format so audiences are able to watch the content on third generation (3G) mobile phones currently available from Sprint or Verizon. Customers who want to share their files on a peer-to-peer basis can click “torrent” to easily make their content available via BitTorrent.

Each file uploaded into a user’s MoveDigital account also comes equipped with an Adobe Flash-based web widget. The web widget allows easy sharing and posting of MoveDigital file links on websites, blogs and social networking services. The widget provides a convenient direct download link to the file and BitTorrent link if it exists. The web widget contains the download count for the file as an indication of popularity, and also includes a “Share” button which enables other users to directly add bandwidth into the publisher’s account. This invention is known as social bandwidth sharing.

Senator John Edwards now offers mobile video downloads at and BitTorrent and direct downloads at, and Rocketboom is using the service to enable peer-to-peer file sharing and mobile downloads of its daily recordings.

Source: MoveDigital

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