WildVoice Adds Web-Based Podcast Recorder

Jul 19th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcast Hosting, Podcasting Services

WildVoice, a podcast and media sharing community now in beta, has add introduced a new web-based recorder, “Shout.” The application is designed to let anyone with a PC, an Internet connection and a microphone record a podcast or post comments to other podcasts at the site.

“Podcasting is about having fun and encouraging free expression on the Web. WildVoice aims to make this as easy as possible,” said Albert Kim, WildVoice co-founder. “With WildVoice Studio, people can create high quality Podcasts from their PC that sound like a sophisticated studio radio program. WildVoice ‘Shout’ makes it even easier. It allows anyone to make a quick Podcast, record an audio comment to online posts or simply send a shout out to friends directly from our Website.”

The WildVoice online community lets its members create and publish podcasts and other media online. Members can build their own WildVoice site within the community and share podcasts, videos, photos, and blogs.The WildVoice community also lets you control who can hear your shows, so you can broadcast to your family and friends ot to everyone.

Source: WildVoice

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