Podcast Peer Awards Looking for Podcasters

Jul 23rd, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Events

Podcast Peer AwardsThe Podcast Peer Awards, a community of podcasters organized to recognize quality podcasts, is looking for podcasters to take part in its nomination and voting process.Membership at the site is limited to podcasters who have done at least six shows and who have been podcasting for at least three months. Members have access to a private forum where they discuss and nominate shows, then vote on nominees and the final winners. The awards rules and policies are also shaped by the members.

“There are over 50,000 audio and video podcasts available. Most of them are lousy,” according to the site. Podcast Peer Awards plans to draw on podcasters knowledge to guide listeners to quality podcasts.

“Most awards and rankings lists rely on votes from listeners,” says Dave Hitt, founder of the Awards. “They reward excellence in marketing, not necessarily excellence in podcasting. Quality shows with small audiences find it impossible to get attention in such arenas. As a result, popular shows remain popular while great new shows are excluded.””Recognition from the public is great,” adds Hitt. “But it’s even better to be recognized by your peers, other podcasters who know how much time, effort and skill it takes to craft an excellent show.”Nominations will continue until August 31, 2006, when the finalists will be chosen. Members will vote on the finalists during September, and the winners will be announced in early October.

Details are available at the Podcast Peer Awards site.

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