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Jul 25th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Software

NotePage has introduced a new release of FeedForAll Mac, software for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds, podcasts and videocasts.

FeedForAll Mac can be used to create and maintain an unlimited number of RSS feeds and podcasts, letting users maintain and distribute multiple content streams. Existing RSS feeds that are improperly formatted are automatically repaired by FeedForAll Mac, ensuring that all feeds used with FeedForAll Mac conform to the RSS specification.

FeedForAll Mac’s new release supports unified publishing, making it easy for publishers to upload files along with their RSS feed, podcast or videocast.

FeedForAll Mac fully supports and integrates Apple iTunes extensions, as well as a host of other popular namespaces, effectively assisting publishers that wish to create iTunes and MediaRSS compatible podcasts. The application offers integrated namespace support for all RSS namespaces.FeedForAll Mac also has the ability to create an OPML list or blogroll of feeds. This makes managing multiple feeds effortless. Importing existing RSS feeds is made easier with a new advanced import feature that results in publishers having greater control over their imported items.

FeedForAll Mac has a built-in wizard that helps users efficiently create and maintain RSS feeds. The wizard’s new extended support walks users through the creation of various RSS feeds and namespaces.

The feature-rich WYSWIG HTML editor allows content publishers to personalize feeds with images and enhance the appearance of the RSS feed’s text. Integrated tools like live spell checking, and image manipulation combine to deliver a powerful tool for both webmasters and content publishers.

FeedForAll Mac version 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better and 18 Mb of free hard disk space.

More information is available at the FeedForAll site.

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