Girls Gone Wired: Women Want Hot Tech Toys

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Most women would choose a new iPod over a shopping spree at a clothing store and even over a romantic evening with someone special, according to Women’s Watch: Girls Gone Wired, a study of women and technology by Oxygen Media.

According to Oxygen, a media network for woman, the study shows that the technology gender gap has virtually closed and that the majority of women are hungry, even voracious, for technology. The study shows that a full 79% of the female market is interested in and using technology.

The good news for geeky guys? 77% of the women surveyed would even prefer a new plasma TV to a diamond solitaire necklace. Score!

Survey Highlights:Technology is closing the gender gap – men and Women are digital peers

  • Similar number of devices owned: women (6.6) and men (6.9)
  • Similar number of devices used weekly: women (4.4) and men (4.9)

Both women and men spend most of their waking hours interfacing with tech

  • Women (15 hrs/ day) and men (17 hrs/ day)

Both own and use similar numbers of devices, relying most heavily on their computers and cell phones

  • % who use their computers weekly: women (73%) and men (71%)
  • % who use their cell phones weekly: women (62%) and men (61%)

Women hold the purse strings. Women are making important purchase decisions about technology

  • 73% of women make tech purchasing decisions on their own (only 27% of women defer to others when choosing what tech to buy – vs. 24% of men)

Women are comfortable with tech

  • Women are equally comfortable as men in their technology skin
  • 79% of women feel comfortable using tech (only 21% of women wish they felt more comfortable using tech vs. 20% of men wish they felt more comfortable)
  • They feel confident that they can figure out how to work technological items
  • 83% are not afraid to play around with their tech gadgets (while only 17% of women fear activating functions on devices that they don‚Äôt know how to use)
  • 72% of women prefer a hands-on approach to technology (i.e. playing with a device in order to learn how to use it)
  • 46% do their own computer troubleshooting
  • 83% of women are excited about getting a new tech item, and only 7% are afraid they might break it
  • One third of women identify themselves as ‚Äútechie,‚Äù and 79% feel fully confident using technology (only 21% desire to have more confidence in using technology)
  • More than two thirds have virtually no fear being left behind by its fast paced evolution (23% fear being left behind – same percentage as men).

Women Love Tech

  • Women have an amazing 15 hour tech day.
  • Far from wanting a break from technology, they are looking to increase their usage over time (and decrease sleep, one would guess!) It‚Äôs actually men who feel a greater need to take a break from tech.
  • Over the next five years, women see themselves increasing their usage of six tech activities more than men, including digital cameras, cell phone calls, email, camera phones, SMS, and IM
  • Only 15% of women often need a break from technology (vs. 20% of men)
  • Only 12% of women would be relieved if they were without their cell phones (vs. 20% of men)

Women Love Tech Toys

  • Given the choice, tech items are generally preferred over luxury items like jewelry or vacations
  • Big screen TV vs. Bling ‚Äì it‚Äôs the plasma all the way
  • 77% prefer a new plasma TV vs. a diamond solitaire necklace
  • 56% prefer a new plasma TV vs. a weekend vacation in Florida
  • Cell phone vs. Stilettos. It‚Äôs the cell phone, hands down.
  • 78% of women prefer a new top-of-the-line cell phone with all the latest features and a sleek new design vs. designer shoes
  • 86% prefer new digital video camera vs. designer shoes
  • Women would chose an iPod over a little black dress (or a romantic dinner, massage, or a girls night out)

Special Note For Guys: If you think this is license to buy your wife or girlfriend a plasma TV for the next big occasion, think again. These surveys are done, in large part, to help to help Oxygen, a media network for women, work with advertisers and potential advertisers.

Source: Oxygen

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