Internet Video Hotter Than Ugly Web Pages

Aug 1st, 2006 | By | Category: General, Video, Vlogs

In July, the daily reach of YouTube pulled ahead of MySpace. YouTube’s growth has been explosive, going from nowhere a year a go to becoming the sixteenth most popular site on the Web, as measured by Alexa.

YouTube vs MySpace
The tremendous growth reflects increasing penetration of broadband, more vloggers creating independent video content and YouTube’s ability to tap into viral video distribution.

MySpace (6) has a higher traffic rank than YouTube (16), which reflects that people view more pages per visit at MySpace. Also, many people view YouTube’s content through embedded viewers at independent blogs, which increases YouTube’s reach, but limits its page views.

While traffic to MySpace appears to have peaked, YouTube appears to be poised for continued growth:

YouTube Traffic
This bodes well for video podcasters and vloggers, demonstrating that there is a massive audience actively looking for interesting video content. It also highlights the potential of YouTube for video creators looking for a larger audience.

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