SelliQuest Adds Podcasting to Life Science Offerings

Aug 3rd, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Services

SelliQuest, a provider of sales communications solutions for the Life Sciences industry, announced today that all of its products have been upgraded to include podcast capability.

“Our products already provide the kind of subscription-based relationship that podcasts use,” explained Ike Carpenter, SelliQuest’s President and CEO. “We not only believe that this kind of relationship represents the future of marketing, but we can quantify its effectiveness. ”

“Our experience confirms that physicians want to see the information that pharmaceutical companies have to offer, as long as it’s delivered on their schedule and in the medium they prefer,” Carpenter continued. “Furthermore, our statistics tell us that 40% of physicians prefer to receive content online and more than half of that group reads that content outside of normal business hours.”

Podcasts are currently employed by many organizations within the Life Sciences industry, including some of the most recognizable and respected names, such as Johns Hopkins Medicine and The New England Journal of Medicine.

“At first, we’ll use podcasts to get pharma content to doctors,” added Carpenter. “But since our technology reaches and connects all of the players in the marketing world, it won’t be long before we’re using them for things like management messages, case studies, staff training, and peer-to-peer collaboration.”

Source: SelliQuest

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