U. S. Joint Forces Command Intros Podcast

Aug 4th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcast Quickies

US Joint Forces PodcastThe U. S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) has introduced a new podcast, the U.S. Joint Forces Command Newscast, to help deliver information to the public. The Joint Forces Command is one of nine unified commands in the US Department of Defense.”We’re continuing and complementing work we have done with other technologies like our Web site, email news service and news feeds with this effort,” said Gregg Your, USJFCOM command information officer. “Not only are we putting out relevant and timely information, but we’re also reaching out to new audiences by using technology increasingly used among our service members and the public.”

“Podcasting is clearly growing at a rapid rate and is quickly becoming a powerful communication tool,” Your said. “It allows us to put actual voices discussing our key command efforts and create a high impact conversation with some of our command’s most valuable audiences on a regular basis.”USJFCOM podcasts will be made available for downloading through the command’s Web site, as well as several podcast directories, to reach the largest audience possible.

US Joint Forces Command Podcast Details
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