Recording Industry Charges Podcaster of Copyright Abuse

Aug 7th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Law

RISA, the Recording Industry of South Africa, is accusing 5FM, one of SABC’s most profitable radio stations, of abusing copyright and illegally sharing of music, because of the station’s podcast.

RiSA’s general manager, David du Plessis, said they advised the SABC in November to conduct their podcasting operations within mutually agreed parameters of the Copyright Act.

“The SABC had agreed to stop its podcasts with immediate effect, which they did at the time, and agreed to revert to RiSA with proposals regarding any future podcasts,” he said.

However, SABC allegedly did not comply with RISA’s request, leading to the current confrontation.

“In November 2005, a 5FM executive informed some of RiSA’s members that podcasting was a grey area with no clear policy or legislation anywhere. Nevertheless, distributing of copyrighted audio material without permission, whether as individual MP3s or as podcasts, is generally considered to be illegal.”It was put to SABC by RiSA that nowhere in the world do licensed commercial broadcasters try to hide behind this sort of facade of contrived legal uncertainty,” said Plessis.SABC has not commented on the charge.

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