Melodeo Exec On Mobile Podcasting Deal

Aug 9th, 2006 | By | Category: Mobile Podcasting

Melodeo, a podcast community for PC and mobile phones, and Alltel Wireless, the largest US mobile network, announced a partnership earlier this week that will give millions of users the ability to listen to podcasts on their wireless phones.

In an interview with Podcasting News Publisher Elisabeth McLaury Lewin, Bill Valenti, Executive Vice President at Melodeo, talked about the Alltel client launch, one of several new ventures for Melodeo.

Valenti is excited about podcasting, and the potential of podcasts on mobile phones. “Podcasting is the most revolutionary form of media to come down the pipe — and mobile phones are a natural match for this technology,” he said.

Melodeo’s service combines Web-based services with a small client that runs on the phone. A simple interface lets Axcess Mobilcast users browse categories or search from a selection of relatively short podcasts, including content from NPR, CNN and indie podcasters. The podcasts can then be streamed or downloaded.

“Alltel wanted the Melodeo client to run on seven different phone handsets,” said Valenti. “We got it running on twenty!”

Valenti explained that users cache the metadata and much of the available content catalog right on their phone. Having this “big picture” information readily available on the mobile device makes browsing for podcasts quick and easy.

While Valenti expressed excitement about the Alltel Axcess Mobilcast launch, he also said that Melodeo has other developments coming before the end of this year, including:

  • The third-quarter rollout of a Melodeo social networking site at;
  • A joint venture in mainland China (“originally just for mobile music, but it developed into mobile podcasting as well”); and
  • A synchronization model that keeps track of where you are in listening to a podcast. For example, it lets you start listening to a podcast on your computer, but pick up where you left off, listening on your mobile phone.
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