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Aug 9th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Making Money with Podcasts, Podcasting Services

Oneupweb, an online marketing firm, has announced a new podcast analytics service, PodTractor.According to the company, their service offers a way for podcasters to get the metrics that appeal to advertisers, but without being tied to a specific podcast ad service.

“Marketers can‚Äôt afford to spend time and money on a tactic, just in case it might work. If podcasts contribute a high return on the investment, companies need to know so they can continue that success with management‚Äôs support,” says Oneupweb CEO, Lisa Wehr.

“Metrics also allow more conservative marketers to enter the new world of podcasting faster,” adds Wehr. “Instead of waiting for the success or failure of competitors‚Äô podcasts, our clients can confidently develop one-on-one dialogue with their customers.”

PodTractor Dashboard:Podtractor dashboard
Featured Data Includes:

  • Summary series and episode overview ‚Äì month, day, week
  • Most popular series and episode ‚Äì top downloads
  • Visitors & downloads ‚Äì which domains visited and what each downloaded
  • Subscribers ‚Äì non-subscriber downloads or dedicated subscriber
  • Position in top search engine results for keyword topics
  • Top podcast directory referrer ‚Äì which directory is sending you the most listeners
  • Running trend graphs ‚Äì week to week and month to month to demonstrate increased downloads, subscribers and position improvement
  • Visiting domains
  • Top converting keyword searches by directory
  • Loyalty tracking ‚Äì organized by series and episode
  • Partial downloads vs. completed downloads ‚Äì abandonment statistics
  • Number of subscribers by directory

More information is available at the PodTractor site.

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