Podcast Dropped Over Censorship Controversy

Aug 9th, 2006 | By | Category: General

According to Chortle, a UK comedy guide, the BBC has dropped a popular podcast by comedian Russell Brand after the he refused to allow them to edit out controversial material. The BBC wanted to cut from his podcast a segment involving disabled basketball player Ade Adepitan.

‚ÄòI think we could have found a version that could have been released, but a lot of the time people simply do what is easiest,” said Brand. ‚ÄòI love that podcast and I really want it to work. But in my position you spend so much time talking rubbish. It is not often you get to highlight an issue like this.‚Äô

Adepitan has claimed a doorman at a West End club, Movida, called him a ‘fucking cripple’ – an allegation the club strongly denies. They say they have not received an official complaint. In the show, Brand, a friend of Adepitan, made a joke of repeatedly mentioning the name of the club, which he described as ‘a bit stuck up’.Adepitan said he has frequently visited the club, but this is the first time he encountered trouble from what Brand called ‘a grunting Neanderthal dragging this country back into the stone age with their prejudice, ignorance and hatred’.

via Chortle

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