Open Source Podcasting Client for Windows Mobile

Aug 10th, 2006 | By | Category: General, Mobile Podcasting

Pocket Podcasts, an open source podcast client for Windows Mobile devices, has been updated. The beta 2 version adds support for RSS viewing, podcast downloading over WiFi and video support, when combined with TCPMP.

Pocket Podcasts
“Now you can turn a Pocket PC into a wireless-enabled “Video iPod” with excellent podcast support,” notes Wes Henderson at the Pocket Podcasting blog. “Despite owning an iPod, I rarely use it anymore. I originally had doubts when I bought my Pocket PC. Now that I think of it as a WiFi iPod that can do Skype, web, games, etc., it’s quickly turned out to be a worthwhile purchase.”

Pocket Podcasts is described as “a complete podcast client for Windows Mobile devices”. Pocket Podcasts lets you search, subscribe, and play back podcasts, all from your Pocket PC or Smartphone.


  • Podcast RSS Reading – Download over WiFi, etc.
  • Video and Audio Podcast Support
  • ‘Pretty’ Podcast Details: HTML Episode Detail View
  • Desktop Component for When You’re At Home
  • Open Source, Community Supported

The application is a free download from the Pocket Podcasts Sourceforge site.

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