International Podcasting Expo Looking for Presenters

Aug 17th, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Events

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The International Podcasting Expo is inviting podcasters, podcasting professionals, and podcasting software and services companies to present seminars, workshops and podcasts during the October 20-22, 2006 online event.

Presenters receive an online Exhibitor Booth, 20-person audio conference room during the Expo, and a 2-CD set of all Expo recordings. All seminars are conducted and recorded in PC and Mac compatible audio/visual conference rooms during the Podcast Expo.

With the addition of Denmark‚Äôs and France‚Äôs Podemus Directory as partners in the International Podcasting Expo, seminars will be available during European time zones and US time zones, as well as in multiple languages. Expo Organizer, Penny Haynes, explains, “This Podcasting Expo truly is an international one, offering multi-lingual seminars, workshops and networking events. Any Podcasters interested in hosting Podcasting events at the Expo in their respective language and time zones are invited to utilize our 3-D Virtual Expo site’.”

The International Podcast Expo will offer 2 seminar tracks: a Beginner Track and an Advanced Track. 500 Attendee tickets are currently being offered, and include unlimited access to all events and recordings of the events for US $25 ($US 20 + a 2-CD set of the Expo recordings if registered before August 31st).Desired Seminar and Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

1) Introduction to Podcasting: The Past, Present and Future of the Fastest Growing Social Media
2) Podcasting Basics for PC: Using Only A Microphone & Computer
3) Podcasting Basics for Macs: Using Only A Microphone & Computer
4) Podcasting Formats: Different Types of Show Formats, and How To Determine What Works Best For You
5) Podcast Music: Where to Find Great Music That Won’t Land You In Jail
6) Podcast Vocalization: Vocal Coaching for the Podcaster
7) Understanding RSS: If It’s Really Simple Syndication, Why Is It So Hard To Understand???
8) Podcast Promos: Promos That Will Bring You New Listeners
9) Podcast Networks: To Join or Not To Join – That Is The Question
10) Podcast Directories: What Are Directories, and Why Are They Important?
11) Podcast Syndication: How To Get Your Podcast Onto Your Webpage
12) Recording and Editing Software Round Table: The Pros and Cons of Different Programs
13) Storage and Bandwidth: What It Means, What You Need, and Why You Need It
14) Introduction to Podcast Marketing
15) Internet Radio Stations: When To Stream, When To Download
16) Introduction to Video Podcasting (VideoCasting/VidCasting)
17) Basic Blogging for Podcasting
18) Defining Your Target Market (Workshop)
19) Basic Editing in Audacity
20) Podcasting With Skype
21) Advanced Editing in Audacity
22) Advanced Editing In Wavepad
23) What’s An Ogg? Choosing the Best Audio Format for Your Audience
24) Professional Studio Equipment: What To Look For If You Upgrade
25) Indie Music Podcasts: How To Help Bands Find You
26) Advanced VideoCasting
26) Guerrilla Podcast Marketing
27) How To Obtain A Sponsor For Your Podcast
28) How To Attract More Listeners

Speakers must have an internet connection and headset microphone for verbal interaction. To submit a presentation for review, go to Deadline for submission is midnight EST, September 15th.

More information about becoming an Attendee, Exhibitor or Sponsor is available at the International Podcasting Expo site.

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