Mobilecasting Update: German Company Intros Cellcast Service

Aug 18th, 2006 | By | Category: Mobile Podcasting, Podcasting Services

Hundertelf, an Internet company in Cologne, Germany, has launched a new mobile podcasting service, Cellcast. The service lets registered users call from their cell phones, record a message or song and make it available on the Web.

The phone calls are recorded and converted to MP3 files, which can be stored on the Cellcast server or transferred to a server requested by the user. The service is free, but the company plans to charge for premium services.

According to Hundertelf’s Wolfgang Fischer, “We‚Äôre really just testing the waters now to see whether or not there‚Äôs demand for this type of service.”

Mobilecasting appears to be picking up steam. Melodeo has introduced several offerings, including Mobilcast, a service that delivers podcasts to phones. Voice Genesis, a provider of mobile voice/visual email, also offers a service that lets users retrieve podcasts over the air with their mobile phones. AcroDesign Technologies earlier in the year introduced AudioBay, a podcasting application for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

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