New PodShow Podcasts: In-Your-Face & Angry

Aug 23rd, 2006 | By | Category: Podcasting Networks

Podshow logoPodShow, a podcasting startup, has added five talk show podcasts to the PodShow Podcast Network: “Pacific Coast Hellway,” “Squadcast,” “The Creepy Sleepy Show,” “The Think Future Radio Show” and “Trucker Tom’s Podcast.””Talk radio has been stale and predictable for too long, limited by the FCC and the restrictions of radio formatting,” said Adam Curry, PodShow cofounder and President. “These shows offer a range of content from the high-energy, in-your-face rant of ‘Pacific Coast Hellway’ to the angry political commentary of the ‘Think Future Radio Show,’ each show exploring the talk format in a way that just can’t happen in traditional talk.”

Show Descriptions (provided by Podshow):

“Pacific Coast Hellway”

“Pacific Coast Hellway” is bumper-to-bumper uncensored comedy skits and hysterical first-person celebrity stories from L.A.’s fast lane. Check out all of the non-stop hilarity from Hollywood writer and producer, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, and his Pacific Coast “Hellplayers.”


“Squadcast” are like those close friends you had in college; A small group of people who know your skeletons and aren’t afraid to use them against you. These guys always deliver stories and conversations in a colorful and entertaining angle. Listen carefully as the hosts bond over a lifetime of insights and insults.

“The Creepy Sleepy Show”

Ever wonder what a creepy, sleepy South Dakota small town politico might say? Get an earful as host Dan Patterson and his team gives Middle America a voice in politics, media and culture.

“The Think Future Radio Show”

Partisan politicos beware — no topic is out of bounds, no censorship is allowed, and party lines are debunked daily as Chris Future tackles current events, politics, work and play in raw, unadulterated and unaffiliated Libertarian rants. Go ahead, get into the Future of politics.

“Trucker Tom’s Podcast”

Ride shotgun with the biggest mouth on 18 wheels — Trucker Tom — as he travels the freeways, highways and byways of the U.S.A., delivering bulk loads of fresh, 100% American talk. With Trucker Tom, there are no speed limits, no lane changes, only good times on the road ahead.

Source: PodShow

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