Reality Show Follows Novelist’s Attempts to Get Published

Aug 24th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting

Jean TennantJean Tennant wants to be published, and she’s willing to risk public rejection to make that happen.The Iowa resident is the first subject of The Writing Show’s new podcast-based reality show, Getting Published, which debuts September 11th. The series will follow Tennant as she attempts to find an agent and publisher for her women’s novel Karaoke Nights at the Twilight Lounge.

Listeners will be asked for feedback as Tennant posts portions of her manuscript, sample query letters, and marketing plan on The Writing Show blog.

‚ÄúI feel like I’m being given a special gift to take part in the beginning of something that might–you never know– become a trend in podcasting,‚Äù she says. ‚ÄúI’m nervous about it, nervous about the possibility of failing so publicly, but have decided it’s all about taking risks, and putting yourself out there.‚Äú

Shows will be posted at least once a month, or wheneverTennant has something to report or listeners have offered feedback. The first show runs about half an hour.

‚ÄúIf I fail, I’ll pull myself up by the bootstraps and try to figure out where my writing is lacking, and use the experience to improve my work,‚Äù she says. ‚ÄúThis should be fun. Scary, but fun.‚Äù


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