PodShow Adds Seven “Hot Women”

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SoccergirlPodShow, the podcasting startup co-founded by Adam Curry, announced another set of podcasting partnerships today, this group focusing on “hot women”, according to the company. Yesterday the company announced a line-up of controversial talk show podcasts.

The shows added are “Chillcast with Anji Bee,” “GeekBrief.TV,” “Pod Chick,” “Rock n Roll TV,” “Soccergirl” (above) and “The Rumor Girls”.

“These ladies have great talent, and all they’ve needed was the proper promotion and distribution,” said Adam Curry, cofounder and President of Podshow, Inc.

Show Descriptions (provided by Podshow):“Chillcast with Anji Bee”

Need to chill out? “The Chillcast” features a sexy and sophisticated mix of chilled podsafe music, hosted by sensual chanteuse, Anji Bee, of Lovespirals. Let Anji soothe you and groove you with her cosmopolitan blend of Electronica, Jazz, Soul, and Pop music found only on “The Chillcast.”

“Geek Brief.TV”

Who doesn’t want to spice up tech news? Personal technology tools and toys have never been as appealing as “GeekBrief.TV,” featuring Cali Lewis. The format is fast, fun, fresh and flirty, and you get the low-down on all of the cool gadgets, websites, software and audio/video trends your friends are talking about. If the products are exciting enough, Cali breaks format and does a little dance.

“Pod Chick”

If you want to know why blondes have more fun, learn from the wild life of Pod Chick as she tackles critical subjects such as bikini skydiving, sunscreen application at the beach, and where to have a big night out in cities around the world.

“Rock n Roll TV”

You know you’ve always wanted to be a Rock Star. Live vicariously through “Rock n Roll TV” host Share Ross as she brings you rock, punk and garage music from around the world, featuring interviews with music legends and beneath-the-radar music and video clips.


“Soccergirl” is mesmerizing — freaky tales of amazing nights, explicit exploits recounted and much, much more. Once you’ve downloaded, you can’t stop — no matter what your interests are, “Soccergirl” will keep you coming back for more.

“The Rumor Girls”

Do you want the latest rumors on people that matter? This sexy sister duo tell all about their lives, love and the skinny on just about anyone and everyone on their video podcast. Surprise guests line up to be interviewed and dish dirt — go ahead, you know you’ve got to see it.

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