Zune Watch: FCC OK’s Toshiba iPod-Killer

Aug 28th, 2006 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Toshiba Zune

The 1089 is equipped with a 1.8″ 30GB hard drive, a 3″ TFT LCD display, a USB 2.0 connection for transfering files and a built-in FM tuner.

And WiFi.

The device has a theoretical maximum speed of 54Mbps for IEEE 802.11g, 11Mbps for 802.11b.According to Toshiba, “Once your wireless setting is set to on, you will be able to send and receive photos and promotional copies of songs, albums and playlists from other Pyxis users.”

The device will also support DJ’ing content, streaming audio wirelessly to other devices.

via FCC

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